News / 29 September 2009

Both ENDS partner Negusu Aklilu in top 25 most influential people Ethiopia

Negusu Aklilu from Forum for Environment is voted one of Ethiopia's most influential people by Addis Neger, Ethiopia's largest newspaper. He is honoured for his work on putting Africa - the continent hardest hit by climate change - on the international climate calendar by coordinating the African Climate Appeal. This appeal states that African countries should be compensated for the effects of climate change, caused by green house gasses emitted by developed countries. He has been at the forefront in signing the Appeal together with the 2004 Peace Nobel Laureate and environmentalist Wangari Mathai.


Both ENDS has been working with Negusu Aklilu and Forum for Environment (FFE) for a number of years on environmental and social condition in the cut flower production, agrofuel development in the Babile Elephant Sanctuary, land grab for agro-industry development and national parks and on the Annual Review of State of the Environment in Ethiopia. Both ENDS is therefore very dellighted that his accomplishments have been honoured by this recognition and wants to congratulate him with this accomplishment.


For more information see the translation of the article in Addis Neger of 25 September 2009. Or check out the cover of Addis Neger.

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