News / 30 November 2012

Both ENDS congratulates Fair Flowers Fair Plants with new cooperation

Altough you might not notice right away, a bitter scent sticks to most flower bouquets. The cultivation of flowers mostly happens in developing countries where it is often associated with poor working conditions, excessive water consumption and pollution. Both ENDS is therefore very pleased about the announced cooperation between sustainability label Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP) and the Milieu Programma Sierteelt (MPS) foundation. Because of this cooperation, consumers will be able to consciously choose for a fair, well-scented bouquet of flowers at an ever growing number of retailers.


FFP is on the European market for almost seven years now. It originated in collaboration between a large number of parties, including producers and traders from the flower- and plant industry, human rights- and development organizations and trade unions. Untill this moment, the enthusiasm to participate is especcialy big with cultivators, by cooperating with MPS the capacity to mobilise the rest of the chain will increase. MPS aims to stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship in the international horticultural industry by offering services such as certification, registration and training. Because of its extensive network, it is possible to increase the brand awareness of the FFP label and participating companies can come aboard easier.


Sjef Langeveld, former director of Both ENDS and the current chairman of FPP, dedicated himself completely to expanding the FFP label in order to get fair flowers and plants on the market. He is happy about this result: “This is a crowning achievement”. The same goes for Danilielle Hirsch, who succeeded Langeveld as director of Both ENDS: “We are very pleased with this breakthrough. Both ENDS has fought for this label since the beginning. The conditions for workers in the horticultural sector in southern countries improve significantly because of it. And it is absolutely possible to produce in a way that doesn’t threaten the environment. This is a very useful model for other southern products we buy here.”


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