What do we do?

Both ENDS works towards a fair and sustainable world in which everyone has a voice. Our work focuses on a number of overarching themes  and comprises many large, long-term dossiers. Both ENDS also promotes alternatives  that contribute to fair and sustainable use and management of land and water, to local solutions for climate adaptation, and to participation for all, including women.


  • Climate justice
  • Human rights and gender
  • Land & water governance
  • Public finance for development
  • Trade and investments

Our alternatives

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Dossiers in the spotlight

  • Dossier

    The JWH Initiative: supporting young environmental leaders

    The JWH Initiative aims to stimulate leadership of young people in environmental organisations by giving small grants to individuals to expand their knowledge, experience and training.
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    Upholding Human Rights - Bridging the gender-environment divide

    Both ENDS and some partners started a four-year project Upholding Human Rights, bridging the gender-environment divide in 2014, with the aim to empower women and human rights defenders, to improve sustainable resource management and to further explore the potential of the human rights system to enhance the position and protect the rights of women.
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    Shifting Grounds: sustainable water management in the Ganges Delta

    In and around the rapidly growing cities of the Ganges Delta in India and Bangladesh, there is a serious threat of groundwater shortages. The Negotiated Approach is intended to offer a fair and sustainable solution.
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    The Negotiated Approach in Indonesia: cooperating with communities in river basins

    A protected nature reserve, better waste processing, restricted mining and participation of local residents in water management: these are the results of eight years of working on a Negotiated Approach to integrated water management in five river basins in Indonesia.
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    The Ecosystem Alliance: creating a green and inclusive economy

    From 2011 to 2015, Both ENDS took part in the Ecosystem Alliance to improve the livelihoods of the poor and create an inclusive economy, through participatory and responsible management of ecosystems.
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    All Eyes on the Amazon

    Covering an area of 5.5 million km², the Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world. At least 12% of the forest has been lost in the last decades, and deforestation is still continuing at a rapid pace. Illegal logging, land grabbing and intimidation for agriculture, animal husbandry and mining are daily business, and impunity rules. Recent developments, such as the election of the new Bolsonaro government in Brazil, make the future of the Amazon region and the people living there even more uncertain than it already was.
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