LEDARS - Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society

LEDARS - Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society - Bangladesh

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LEDARS has been working for social, economical and environmental development of the poor and marginal people of the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh. Both ENDS tries to assist them with finding donor organisations for their projects on for example tiger widows. Moreover, Both ENDS, LEDARS and other NGOs work together to establish an NTFP network in Bangladesh.

LEDARS has been working on projects to adapt to saline water conditions in agriculture and on improvement of drinking water facilities. Moreover, LEDARS was able to find a donor to buy a water ambulance with the help of Both ENDS.

added value of partnership

"Partnership with Both ENDS results in a more faithful contact with the donor community in the world. The partnership with Both ENDS gives us more confidence in implementing our development projects and it brings an international recognition. The working relation with Both ENDS establish trust of the international donor in a local level NGO in a developing country"


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LEDARS cooperates with other NGO's to bring forward the issue of damages due to saline water in (coastal) agricultural lands in the Saline Water Prevention Campaign.

Watch the documentary of LEDARS about the tragedy of tiger victims widows

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