BARCIK - Bangladesh Resource Center for Indigenous Knowledge

BARCIK - Bangladesh Resource Center for Indigenous Knowledge

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works with Both ENDS on

BARCIK worked jointly with Both ENDS in 2011 on a project to mainstream gender in natural resources management. The outcome is a practical approach of gender at local communities but with an outreach to national government level.


In October 2012 Both ENDS employees Remi Kempers and Marije Rosing visited Bangladesh to measure the impact of this project. Their interpreter, Sylvanus Lamin, wrote a report about the visit for the website of BARCIK.



added value of partnership

The cooperation with Both ENDS helped BARCIK to strengthen their work with non-timber forest resource users in the Sunderbans region and helped them to make wider networking with other international enviornmental NGOs. It also added value to introduce BARCIK when they mention their working relationship with Both ENDS to others. Information services also help BARCIK to make contact with similar and like minded groups.


BARCIK is an NGO that works in the field of environment, biodiversity conservation and development. They have been promoting and presenting the significance of local and indigenous knowledge in development initiatives as well as in the empowerment process of local and indigenous communities.

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