To Tjoelker-Kleve


Women’s Rights • Land Rights • Social Justice • Knowledge of the donor landscape • Fundraising • Social movements

I met Both Ends in 2014. When Berta Caceres was killed in Honduras, in 2016, defending the rights of her people, Both Ends with other Dutch and Latin American social movements held accountable the FMO and the ministry of Foreign Affairs for financed the hydroelectric dam. Trough their critical and constructive attitude they amplified the voices of the Lenca movement and obliged FMO to be more serious with the environmental rules and respect the rights of local people.


The work of Both Ends is relevant combatting social injustice. Due to globalization, the effects of what is done in the Netherlands by government or private enterprises on the social situation in other parts of the world is huge and complex. I want to amplify the voices of the partners of Both Ends from all over the world, so that the Dutch government and enterprises listen before deciding. Now more than ever is it important to work with respect and equity with the southern partners, even if there are differences in power or access to means.


Working for social justice is the basis of my forty years of work as  development sociologist and diplomat.  Already in Rwanda I worked with the Women’s network to diminish the inequalities and in that time women did not have access to property, not to land or other production means. In Burkina Faso I admire women and men fighting against genital mutilation and fighting for the rights of girls. While in Guatemala I was impressed by the power of indigenous and farmers organisations building up their country after 36 years of civil war. Working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I tried to operationalize the beautiful policies with local and national organisations in each country. As feminist I am alert on unequal power relations and I work towards  inclusive collaboration – around me, before at my work and now at Both Ends.

To Tjoelker-Kleve