Nalini Mahesh

Forest and nature conservation  • Planning, monitoring, evaluation, and learning (PMEL) • Forest dependent livelihoods • Agroforestry • Traditional knowledge

In previous years I worked as researcher on agroforestry and sustainable forestry practices. I conducted research on how climate-smart methods could be linked to traditional forms of land use to support the practices of local, indigenous and tribal communities in Mexico, India, and Suriname.


During my work within local NGOs I was struck on how current political and economic structures negatively impact the livelihoods of many people and communities world-wide. With my experiences in setting up, executing and supporting projects, I see opportunities to bring different visions together and thereby contribute to systemic changes on a larger scale.


From my current PMEL and Quality position within Both ENDS I work together with various project leaders and partners to create these changes. Through my work on a strong planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning cycle I contribute to increasing our sustainable impact on a regional and global scale. In this way I can continue to use my knowledge and energy for a fairer and more sustainable world!

Nalini Mahesh