Melvin van der Veen

Water • Climate adaptation • Alternatives • Negotiated Approach

I first learnt about the work of Both ENDS' partners during my field work in the Argentinean Paraná Delta. One year later, during my internship at Both ENDS I participated in a partner meeting for the Ecosystem Alliance in the Brazilian Pantanal wetland. These experiences have in common that I was inspired by the passion, courage, spirit and creativity our partners show when fighting for sustainable and inclusive water management.

In my work for Both ENDS, I support groups in the Global South to make their efforts possible. Sometimes, this means ensuring that partners can protest effectively and safely, for example against large-scale infrastructure threatening their living environment and nature. At the same time, by using the Negotiated Approach I would like to work with partners on solutions for sustainable water management and climate adaptation, which can prevent eventual conflicts by ensuring participation and ownership of all water users.

Melvin van der Veen