Marjet Heins

Manager communications • media contacts (interim)

Both ENDS is a small but very impactful organization. With a very impressive international network and many lines behind the scenes in the Netherlands. With topics that make my heart beat faster; sustainability, people (and especially!) women's rights, gender, climate and biodiversity. Because the world is complex, unfortunately problems often are too. Across themes, across national borders. We cannot separate problems in the Netherlands from problems in the world. Everything is intertwined with everything else.

Beginning in 2024, I will temporarily replace the communications manager of Both ENDS. We will be looking for a permanent new communications manager and of course I will manage all the comms together with colleagues. I have been working as a freelancer for Both ENDS on smaller communication jobs for some time. I love the deepdive of 2024 because the work is noble and ultimately makes the world happier and better!

Marjet Heins