Maaike Schouten

Developing new programmes • Fundraising • Raise interest of new donors for Both ENDS' work

Raising enough funds is essential for our organisation and a specialty on its own. Even now that I have been working in this field full-time for more than five years, I am still learning and I continue to be fascinated, for example, by what makes an application successful, or how you can build relationships with new funding partners.

From my very first experience in the development sector, as a volunteer at a local NGO in Mauritania, I automatically started raising funds. I saw that it was there I had the most added value, and I like the goal-oriented way of working and the tension of making deadlines. I have great pleasure in practicing this profession at Both ENDS, a unique and special organization, not only because of the important themes we are working on but also because the employees have a lot of independence and responsibility. That motivates and inspires me every day.

Maaike Schouten