Eva Schmitz

Latin America • Agro-commodities • Partner work • Palm oil • Capacity Building • Human rights

Evidence is mounting that the current path of global development will lead to an ever increasing destruction of our natural habitat, a widening gap between rich and poor and the strengthening of anti-democratic powers with grave effects on human rights around the globe. Yet simultaneously we also see a huge amount of resilience and adaptability not only by people but also by nature itself, presenting us with a multitude of solutions for some of even the gravest problems of our times. Both ENDS recognises the need to tackle the most negative impacts of present day developments, such as harmful industries, intransparent financial systems or bad governance, and at the same time sees the equal importance of stimulating positive initiatives and bottom-up approaches which promote development in line with human rights, environmental justice and equitable, fair societies which benefit all citizens. This holistic approach towards sustainable development makes Both ENDS a very motivating, engaging and inspiring place to work.

The main focus of my work lies in tackling the social and environmental impacts connected to the large-scale production and trade of agricultural commodities, infrastructure projects and extractives. My main efforts go towards supporting affected communities in the defending of their land and claiming of their rights through legal means and other grievance mechanisms. More specifically in my work I have always been interested in the Latin America region. Especially now with the political and economic situation rapidly deteriorating in much of the region it means that the work of organisations like Both ENDS - and even more so our local partners - has become more important than ever, even if also more difficult and dangerous. I furthermore have a strong passion for fostering alliances around the globe, connecting people for increased impact and building the leadership capacities of young environmentalists around the world.

Eva Schmitz