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    Side event Both ENDS at Climate COP in Madrid

    On Wednesday December 4th 2019 Both ENDS together with Heinrich Böll Stiftung from he US organises a side event at the UNFCCC COP in Madrid: Can the GCF Catalyze Inclusive, Gender-Responsive Local Climate Action Globally and in Latin America? 



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    Climate Strike

    On Friday 27 September, Both ENDS joins the Dutch Climate Strike and the march in The Hague. 

    This way we let our government know that there is no more time to waste and that it must take significant action in all policy areas to stop climate change.

    More information on the Dutch Climate Strike can be found on 

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    The Dutch Climate Roundtable 'International'

    Last June, after months of negotiations in five different 'climate roundtables', the Dutch government presented its Climate Agreement . Negotiations had taken place in a roundtable for 'industry', for 'built environment', for 'electricity', 'mobility' and for 'agriculture and land use'. Climate measures that the Netherlands can take within its borders are pretty much covered by these climate roundtables. But the Netherlands also has a huge climate footprint outside its borders. It seems we have forgotten about the 'International' Climate Roundtable.

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    UNCCD COP14: From global frameworks to local actions

    At the UNCCD COP14 in India, which is taking place from 2-13 September 2019, Both ENDS is co-organising a number of side events. 

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    UNCCD COP14: Communities regreen the Sahel

    At the UNCCD COP14 in India, which is taking place from 2-13 September 2019, Both ENDS is co-organising a number of side events. 

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    UNCCD COP14: Pathways for big money to reach local communities

    At the UNCCD COP14 in India, which is taking place from 2-13 September 2019, Both ENDS is co-organising a number of side events. 

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    The European Election Debate: do we opt for the climate and a fair Europe? (in Dutch)

    Europe's future. What does it look like and, more importantly, what kind of Europe do we want?  

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    'Positive Vibes from the Sahel' on Africa Day in KIT Amsterdam

    On Saturday April 13th, the annual Africa day will take place in the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.


    Both ENDS and Voice 4 Thought will organise a joint workhop (in English), titled:


    'Positive vibes from the Sahel: from regreening to slam poetry'


    Facilitator: Andrew Makkinga


    The Sahel region from Chad to Senegal is often seen in the Netherlands as an immensely dry, infertile area where extremists and smugglers serve and where hunger thrives. But there is so much more to tell about the Sahel region.


    Over the last decades, a large number of positive social initiatives have been taken up both in the cities and in rural areas. Initiatives that create and stimulate self-esteem, culture, education, climate resilience and prosperity.


    Young people are often the driving force behind these movements, which is not surprising considering that almost 70 percent of the population in a country like Niger is under the age of 25.


    In this workshop Both ENDS and Voice4Thought want to tell the other story of the Sahel by highlighting some of these positive initiatives, and by showing how they are interlinked and part of a larger, bottom up movement in this area.


    Hope to see you there!

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    Climate March Amsterdam

    On Sunday the 10th of March 2019 Both ENDS will be taking part in what is expected to become the largest climate march in The Netherlands as of yet. The march is organised by Milieudefensie, Greenpeace, Oxfam Novib, FNV, De Goede Zaak and the Woonbond and supported by Both ENDS and a large number of diverse civil society organisations. Together, we demand a safe future for ourselves, our children and for all people whose lives have already been or will soon be made almost impossible because of the effects of climate change such as droughts, disease, floods or food shortages. 

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    Webinar: Realizing women’s land rights in Africa


    This webinar will feature experiences from several grassroots initiatives and highlight how they fight for women's improved access to and control over land and other natural resources and to scale up women's land rights. 

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    Delta Dynamics: Dutch Masterplans and the SDGs

    Both ENDS is co-organising a double panel discussion 'Delta Dynamics: Dutch Masterplans and the SDGs' on June 26th. This is part of the conference 'Critical Perspectives on Governance by Sustainable Development Goals: Water, Food and Climate (25-26 June 2018)' organized by the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam. At the sessions Both ENDS' partners from Jakarta and Manila will be presenting.

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    Adaptation Futures - Session on Small grants, big impacts

    The Green Climate Fund aims to support transformational pathways to climate-resilient development, intends to reach those most vulnerable, and commits to a gender-sensitive approach. This session presents an important way of putting these commitments into practice: by engaging small grants funds. These funds can provide the much needed channel between large international institutions and local communities adapting to climate change, and assure financing reaches women and men to contribute to transformative climate action. But how to make this shift in how financing is delivered? The audience will be actively engaged in the discussion to come to concrete suggestions to strengthen local access and gender responsiveness of climate finance.

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