Delta Dynamics: Dutch Masterplans and the SDGs

Both ENDS is co-organising a double panel discussion 'Delta Dynamics: Dutch Masterplans and the SDGs' on June 26th. This is part of the conference 'Critical Perspectives on Governance by Sustainable Development Goals: Water, Food and Climate (25-26 June 2018)' organized by the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam. At the sessions Both ENDS' partners from Jakarta and Manila will be presenting.

Trade and aid agenda of the Dutch government

The Netherlands uses its experience in water management to position itself as a centre for delta knowledge and implementation. Through policies such as the International Water Ambition, a consolidated effort of three Dutch ministries, Dutch water expertise is actively promoted around the world as a unique way to combine economic productivity with sustainable development, linking it among others to SDGs 6 (water) and 13 (climate). Today, delta management is one of the key operationalisations of the 'trade and aid' agenda set by the Dutch government.


Dutch Delta Masterplans

One of the ways in which this worldwide promotion of Dutch delta expertise has taken shape is through the development of Dutch (co-)supported 'masterplans for integrated river basin management and safe deltas'. As the new policy document for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation has just been presented, this conference comes at a pivotal time to join various actors that are differently connected to these plans in a double session on 'dynamic deltas'. The aim is to bring in experiences and insights from various perspectives to assess how 'Dutch delta masterplans' come about, how they are understood differently by various actors and which effects they generate in relation to SDGs.

The sessions will combine a series of presentations with a fish bowl discussion.

Session overview of June 26th

Abstract of Delta Dynamics session

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