Publication / 14 January 2019

The Land Degradation Neutrality Fund: a guide for civil society

The Land Degradation Neutrality Fund (LDNF) is set up by the Global Mechanism (GM) of the UNCCD in order to try and mobilise private capital for the purposes of sustainable land management and rehabilitation of degraded areas. The idea is to try to 'blend' public donor finance with funding from private investors, in a bid to make investments more attractive. The fund will then invest in projects that aim to tackle land degradation whilst simultaneously generating profits that can be used to repay investors.

As a relatively new phenomenon in relation to land restoration, little is known about these sorts of finance mechanisms and how they operate. This report will aim to outline how the LDNF functions; how the finances work, how it is governed, and what the potential social and environmental implications are of the projects which it funds. It is intended as a guide for civil society organisations (CSOs) in order to help them understand the LDNF, and thus inform pathways for constructive engagement.

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