Publication / 10 maart 2016

Book: Rethinking Bilateral Investment Treaties: Critical Issues and Policy Choices

Way back in 1959, Germany and Pakistan signed the first Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) in the world. Without knowing, they marked a new era as many countries have followed their example since then. Currently, the international legal system that governs international investment flows consists of about 3000 BITs and other international investment agreements (IIAs).

In recent years, however, a large number of countries have faced costly international investment treaty claims on matters of economic policy, financial stability, and environmental and health regulation. This in turn has sparked many governments to rethink and revisit their current bilateral investment treaties regime.

This new (free-to-download) book, published by Both ENDS, Madhyam and SOMO, takes stock of current developments and explores alternative approaches to reform investment treaties. It contains 19 distinct analyses by leading experts in the field, covering both national and international perspectives.


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