News / 25 November 2011

Political Café - Defuse the debt crisis

On December 16th Jubilee Netherlands is organising a Political Café in collaboration with Both ENDS and Oxfam Novib. The purpose of the meeting is to connect the debt problems of developing countries to the current debt crisis in Europe. What lessons can be learned from past debt relief initiatives and in which way were they successful?


The Political Café will look back on more than 10 years of Jubilee Campaigns. What has been achieved so far and what steps should be taken to resolve the international debt crisis in a sustainable way?

Important questions during the debate will address:
• What are the results of cancellation debts from the past and this has contributed to poverty reduction?
• Which lessons can be learned from previous debt relief and what does this tell us about the debt crisis in Europe?
• Which practical steps should be taken to an independent tribunal to establish guilt?

Jubilee Netherlands and have recently investigated the effects and impacts of debt cancellation in Ghana and Mozambique. A summary of the results of this study will be presented at the Political Café.

• Sjoera Dikkers, MP for the PvdA (social democrats)
• Geske Dijkstra, Debt expert from Erasmus University
• Bernard Anaba, Policy analyst ISODEC, Ghana
• Jürgen Kaiser - Jubilee Germany

Talk and think with you at our Political Café from 14.00 till 17.00 hrs, with drinks afterwards

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