Dossiers in the spotlight

Both ENDS devotes special attention to a number of issues. We often work closely with local partners for many years on these dossiers or, through worldwide networks, we call for changes in policy. Below is a selection of our most prominent dossiers.

  • Dossier

    The Ecosystem Alliance: creating a green and inclusive economy

    From 2011 to 2015, Both ENDS took part in the Ecosystem Alliance to improve the livelihoods of the poor and create an inclusive economy, through participatory and responsible management of ecosystems.
  • Dossier

    All Eyes on the Amazon

    Covering an area of 5.5 million kmĀ², the Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world. At least 12% of the forest has been lost in the last decades, and deforestation is still continuing at a rapid pace. Illegal logging, land grabbing and intimidation for agriculture, animal husbandry and mining are daily business, and impunity rules. Recent developments, such as the election of the new Bolsonaro government in Brazil, make the future of the Amazon region and the people living there even more uncertain than it already was.
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