Visionaries from the global South


Visionaries from the global South

From the 20th untill the 22nd of June, Rio de Janeiro will be all about the big UN summit on sustainability, called Rio+20. During the summit heads of state and government will discuss their ideas about a transition to a green economy. Both ENDS and Cordaid believe that this economy should not just be green, but also social, offering equal opportunities and thereby banning poverty. This new economy should also respect the boundaries of ecosystems, making sure the earth will remain livable for future generations.

Unfortunately, ideas about how we should come to such a green economy, almost always originate in Western countries. Ideas and experiences from other parts of the world are barely seen. However, the combination of these two will lead to stimulating and inspiring thoughts. This inspiration will help us to truly change and be able to think 'outside the box'.

Cordaid and Both ENDS have gathered the views and insights of seven visionaries from developing countries.


The book containing the seven interviews can be downloaded in English, Spanish and Dutch.


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