Together with environmental justice groups from poor and developing countries, Both ENDS works towards a sustainable, fair and inclusive world. We gather and share information about policy and investments that have a direct impact on people and their livelihood, we engage in joint advocacy, we stimulate the dialogue between stakeholders and we promote and support sustainable local alternatives.

Women's Rights undermined in South Africa
Water for all: participatory river basin management in Indonesia
Analog Forestry in Africa
The Negotiated Approach
Rich Forests
Money Energy People
Debora Calheiros, Brazil
"Counterpower has to find its own weapons to fight the main power"

The situation for environmental organisations in Brazil is difficult. The governments, in general, don't think environmental issues are relevant. So even though there are good laws that protect natural reserves like the Pantanal, the governments do not comply with these laws because they put economic interests above the environment. 


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