Together with environmental justice groups from poor and developing countries, Both ENDS works towards a sustainable, fair and inclusive world. We gather and share information about policy and investments that have a direct impact on people and their livelihood, we engage in joint advocacy, we stimulate the dialogue between stakeholders and we promote and support sustainable local alternatives.

Rich Forests: creating productive ecosystems in Africa
Water for all: participatory river basin management in Indonesia
Women's Rights undermined in South Africa
The Negotiated Approach
Money Energy People
Mapping our future
Celebrate countervailing power!
This is the text of the speech given by Danielle Hirsch on the 'Nacht van de Tegenmacht' (Night of Countervailing Power):
Today, we are celebrating countervailing power, that very diverse area in our society that contains everyone and everything that is not part of the established institutions of government and business.


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