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People with little or no income often depend heavily on natural resources. Their only income comes from the land they work, the forests they live in or the water they fish. They are the first to be affected by the disruption of nature and often suffer most. Access to and control over land and water determine their quality of life. The fight against poverty - as laid out in the Sustainable Development Goals - cannot be achieved without a clear focus on sustainable land- and water management and recognition of rights of local people...women and men, girls and boys.


Capital streams influence the usage of water and land, via investment in large waterworks such as dams and financial policies concerning agriculture and trade. Both ENDS gives civil society organisations a voice in these capital streams, so that natural resources benefit indigenous people.

From this point of view, Both ENDS focuses on the themes Water, Land and Capital.


Clean water is scarce and is becoming increasingly scarcer as the global population grows, which puts increasing pressure on water resources. Large-scale agribusinesses and factories also use enormous amounts of water. More than one billion people, predominantly in developing countries, have no access to clean drinking water. Two billion people have to make do without sanitation.

In response to the growing water crisis, governments are investing in building large-scale dams, irrigation networks and the canalisation and diversion of rivers.


Technological developments threaten valuable ecosystems and the existence of indigenous peoples who depend on them. Meanwhile, small-scale solutions for water problems are seldom or never used.

Both ENDS supports Southern civil society organisations and networks that are fighting against non-sustainable solutions and trying to come up with alternative approaches to sustainable water management.


In large parts of the world, people are directly dependent on forests as a means of their survival - for fire wood, food or medicine. Forests also play an important role in the water supply and protection of agricultural lands. Deforestation and forest degradation have direct consequences for the quality of life of the people living in and around forests.

Local communities often have to deal with drought, floods and other climatic extremes. To get the issue of desiccation onto national and international political agendas, Both ENDS is working with an international network of NGOs. In this way, local solutions for drought gain national and international attention.



Many local communities become involved in conflicts about natural resources. This can be the result of civil wars or conflicts caused by mining companies or agribusinesses that produce soy and palm oil. The challenges that are created by this as well as the strive for Social Responsibility are central focus areas for Both ENDS in its sustainable land usage programmes.


Currently, we are working on tthe content of this page. To get an overview of our work on sustainable land use, click on the projects marked with a green dot on our  Project page'.

Capital Flows

Human interaction with the environment and natural resources is often largely determined by developments and decisions made on an economic- (trade and investment) and political (macro-economic policy, budget) level. Economic and financial arguments are often very effective in order to arrive at a more sustainable policy.


Both ENDS does it utmost to influence decision-making processes and to anticipate the processes that generate trade- and international funding.


It also closely follows the way big financial institutions such as the World Bank group and the IMF work.


Both ENDS tries to put sustainability and the fight against poverty high on the agenda within the world of international funding.


Currently, we are working on tthe content of this page. To get an overview of our work on capital flows, click on the projects marked with a yellow dot on our  Project page'.



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