Founded in 2006

Desertification is the degradation of drylands: the arid regions such as deserts; grasslands and savannahs, which currently cover over one third of the global land area. Close to one billion people directly depend upon dryland ecosystems and crops for their livelihoods. Due to current climatic changes and destructive land use, drylands are degrading faster than ever. Developing countries bear the heaviest burden of this process, resulting in poverty and migration. In response local farmer organisations, or other civil society organisations in many parts of the world, have developed alternative land management strategies. Many of these approaches have achieved notable success. However, they need to be highlighted and brought to the attention of policy makers and other stakeholders.


Drynet's aim is to strengthen civil society networks with the right knowledge and visibility to influence dryland development policies.


Drynet recognises that desertification and land degradation are major economic, social and environmental problems for many countries around the world. The project is based on an integrated approach to the problem, emphasising action to promote sustainable development at the community level and linking it to policy level.


By identifying, collecting, sharing and disseminating regional success stories, the 14 Drynet partners will strengthen national civil society networks in both knowledge and skills. By doing so they become important partners for policy makers, putting dryland and related poverty issues higher on the political agenda.


Drynet promotes and stimulates sustainable development through newsletters, radio programmes and an interactive website. Drynet provides key global stakeholders from science and policy with a practical response to combat land degradation by linking local action to global opportunities


Both ENDS is responsible for the overall coordination and management of the project. Both ENDS has been working on the issue of dryland management for several years, with Dutch, European and Southern partners, especially aiming at strengthening civil society to influence dryland development policies. Many of the partners in this project have a working history with Both ENDS. Even though there is a strong national focus on civil society networking and policy influencing in each of the participating countries, this project provides a unique opportunity to connect experiences and strategies between the different continents.


Drynet email address:

Sanderijn van Beek project manager



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