News / 27 February 2019

Both ENDS beneficiary of the Dutch Postcode Lottery!

On Tuesday 26 February Both ENDS was surprised by a very special visit: the Dutch Postcode Lottery stopped by to tell us that Both ENDS has been chosen as a beneficiary and has been allocated an annual donation of €500,000 for the coming five years! This is great news for us, as we can now expand our plans and take them to another level. Our director Danielle Hirsch explains.


Global abuses

“We have always concerned ourselves with what is going wrong in the world in terms of environment, climate and human rights. People throughout the world are being affected by deforestation, mining, pollution of land and water, and climate change. They badly need our support and solidarity – a message that cannot be emphasised enough. That is why we demand attention for abuses and human rights violations, and continually investigate how deforestation, mining and pollution are financed. And we will persist in advocating laws and rules that better protect people and their living environments.”

Local solutions

“In addition, Both ENDS has always worked on solutions, ways of doing things better around the world. We don’t do that alone, but together with a broad network of innovators. Throughout the world, people have come up with innovative and practical solutions to protect their living environments – forests, small-scale farmland, water and coastal areas – or make them healthy again. Take, for example, the millions of hectares of desert in the Sahel, where farmers are combating the effects of climate change and overgrazing on their land by allowing trees and shrubs to grow on their fields again. We are helping them to introduce these methods in other areas, too, to increase the scale on which the desert is becoming green again. Another fantastic example is the food forest movement, in which Both ENDS has been involved since the very beginning some 20 years ago in Sri Lanka and Costa Rica, and which is rapidly becoming popular in many other countries, including the Netherlands.”

Upscaling innovations

“We promote excellent initiatives like this among policy-makers and financiers, and among people around the world who are dealing with similar dilemmas and solutions. Together with local networks, we develop innovative financing structures to finance activities initiated by these people themselves. In this way, we are helping to build a worldwide network of sustainable initiatives that provide answers to persistent social and environmental problems and ensure a new kind of genuinely fair and sustainable development.”

Thanks to the participants in the Dutch Postcode Lottery

“Being chosen as a beneficiary by the National Postcode Lotteryis exactly what we need to make these changes. It means that we can put our vision, and that of everyone we work with, into practice. That is incredibly good news and we would like to thank all the participants in the Dutch Postcode Lottery for their support!”

'Goed Geld Gala'

The Dutch Postcode Lottery announced its donation to Both ENDS in the run-up to its Goed Geld Gala (Good Money Gala) on 4 March. At the Gala, the lottery announces how much money it can donate to charity organisations, thanks to its participants. Half of the money raised through the sale of lottery tickets goes to charity organisations working to support people and planet. Last year, this was a total of more than 357.5 million euros to help build a better world. 

About the Dutch Postcode Lottery

The Dutch Postcode Lottery was set up in 1989 to support charity organisations working towards a fairer and greener world. The lottery raises funds for its charities and publicises their activities. In the postcode lottery, your postcode is your ticket number. This means that you win together with your neighbours. 2.9 million households now participate in the lottery. Participants have a chance of winning hundreds of thousands of prizes and half of the money raised by selling tickets goes each year to 103 charity organisations. Since the Dutch Postcode Lottery was set up, more than 5.4 billion euros have been donated to people and planet.

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