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At community level, Samata works on issues like women's rights in north coastal Andhra Pradesh. At the state, the national and the international level, Samata is also engaged in the advocacy and lobbying for tribal and environmental issues. Both ENDS collaborates with Samata on these themes.

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"Along with Both ENDS we are highlighting the importance of the Eastern Ghats ecosystem and the need to protect it from vested interest. It is all about saving the ecosystem for posterity. Hence our slogan is, 'The health of the hills is wealth of the Plains'. Partnering with Both ENDS is very encouraging and exciting as they really try to make both the ends meet."


Samata is a social justice organisation pleading for the rights of the tribal 'Adivasi' people of Andhra Pradesh, and for the protection of the natural resources and ecology of the Eastern Ghats (hills). They started in 1987 as a community based social action group but transformed in the course of time into an organisation for Advocacy and Support for tribal and environment protection in the Eastern Ghats.

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