Palni Hills Conservation Council (PHCC)

Palni Hills Conservation Council (PHCC

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PHCC is working in the Palni Hills in Tamil Nadu, India. Both ENDS assists PHCC in finding donor organisations, strengthening their network and organisation and in obtaining technical knowledge.

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'We very much appreciate the efforts of Both ENDS.'


The Palni Hills Conservation Council was formed in 1985 as an organisation devoted to promoting sustainable development. The core group consists of ecologists, environmentalists, botanists, wildlife enthusiasts and proponents of sustainable development with sixty supporting staff ranging from beekeepers to water experts. PHCC is working on the following themes: growing trees (native species) in six watersheds to provide biomass for the needs of rural communities, training farmers how to keep the Indian Hive bee Apis cerana indica, promoting sustainable development of Kodaikanal - a hill resort, preventing pollution of water sources, restoring mangroves and coastal forests at Tranquebar and educating youth about environment protection and climate change.

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