Gomukh Environmental Trust for Sustainable Development

Gomukh Environmental Trust for Sustainable Development

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works with Both ENDS on

Gomukh works with Both ENDS on integrated water management focusing on a negotiated approach, an innovative method for river basin management in various countries (for example: South Africa, Bolivia and Peru).

Gomukh and Both ENDS also work together on sustainable land use, strengthening the capacities of local organisations to engage in the fight against poverty and environmental degradation by propagating organic farming and sustainable irrigation management and supporting local CSOs and small farmer groups in the process of adding value to agro-produce and improving access to markets.


Gomukh is one of the first partners of Both ENDS. Gomukh Trust came into existence as a response and reaction to the inadequate and lopsided approach of the Government's watershed development programme.
Gomukh Trust's vision is to create a society where natural resources and ecosystems are restored and the poor can lead a self-sufficient and dignified life. Gomukh regards facilitating social mobilisation along with the use of appropriate technology for soil and water conservation as the means to lay a solid foundation for equitable and fair resource utilisation.

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