Ecoton (Ecological Observation and Wetlands Conservation)

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Ecoton and Both ENDS work together on participatory and integrated water management and eco-restoration in the Brantas basin. Pupils, students, villagers and businesses along the river are involved in monitoring the water quality, cleaning the river and ensuring that the local government takes its responsibility to keep the river clean. The most recent implementation of this is the Fish Sanctuary Area (FSA) which Ecoton created in 2014, along with local businesses, schools and the local government of four villages along the river. The FSA helps with the recovery of the fish stocks and other ecological functions of the river and serves as a unique learning place for anyone who wants to know how the Brantas river could look without pollution.

added value of partnership

Both ENDS brings ECOTON in contact with Dutch and other European companies working in the Brantas basin that have a progressive sustainability agenda. In addition, exchanges are facilitated with other organisations in Indonesia, Peru and Africa that engaged in the 'negotiated approach' - a way to strengthen local communities in integrated water management. One of the staff members of Ecoton has finished a training and conducted research with the aid of a JWHI-scholarship. This fund, which enables future leaders to follow trainings, is managed by Both ENDS.

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