ELCI - Environment Liaison Center International

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ELCI is a partner in the MFS program (Dutch State Department) of Both ENDS. Due to its large outreach to African organisations by means of newsletters, the website and its involvement in conferences and network,  ELCI helps Both ENDS to deal with requests of African organisations in the field of sustainable land use. Furthermore  ELCI has established extensive knowledge with regard to specific issues about mining, dams and plantations and the effects of specifics projects on humans and the environment in African countries. ELCI  also is a discussion partner for Both ENDS regarding several gender topics.

added value of partnership

"ELCI delivers publications and news to a widespread network of social organisations in Africa. Through the cooperation with ELCI the outreach of Both ENDS in Africa has been increased. For years now ELCI has been involved in coordinating NGO participation in UN conferences on environmental issues. The experience of ELCI is a valuable asset for Both ENDS and partners, that want to participate in those conferences.''


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