Willemijn Rooijmans

Coordination FGG • Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation • Facilitator • Cooperation

Together you are stronger and you can achieve more. The Fair, Green and Global (FGG) Alliance, of which Both ENDS is the lead agency, is a wonderful example of this. This alliance consists of both northern and southern partners and aims to create more inclusive, socially just and sustainable societies. This mission is also the reason why I started working at Both ENDS. As coordinator of FGG, I see the power of close cooperation. By working together, you exchange knowledge, learn from each other and you are able to grow and develop your own capacities. This applies both to the cooperation with partners established in the Netherlands and to the more than 300 southern partners that our work often is about. It can sometimes be quite a challenge to work together with so many different people, but if you do it right, you can get lots of good things out of it. That is why, as a coordinator, I work with full conviction to optimise the planning, monitoring and evaluation process of the FGG alliance, so that it benefits our cooperation.

Willemijn Rooijmans