Sonja Duimel

Office Manager

A better environment starts at home, is a well know saying in The Netherlands. It dates back to a campaign from the government in the 90s. Probably taking care of the environment back then was mostly associated with the tree-hugging types. Nowadays sustainability is a hip word and we're not only talking about the environment but a better world. Cool or silly, I've always been indifferent to the various opinions about it. A conscious way of living is a natural thing to do for me.

Sustainability, a more equal world or a pleasant living environment: I'm pleased to be able to contribute my share to those (rather big) topics. Obviously I find the field of interests where Both ENDS operates very fascinating. Where does a better world start, and which problems can and/or do you want to tackle? I leave the investigation of those issues to my colleagues. To be able to use my working experience in organization and facility management to support them as good as possible makes me happy.

Sonja Duimel