Sanderijn van Beek


Specialism: Latin America, relation between the environment and development


Sanderijn van Beek first studied Communication Studies with a focus on human rights and information access. After traineeships with Unicef in Brazil, she decided to start International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Sanderijn did the fieldwork for this study in Uganda, where she studied 'Solid Waste Management'. This raised her interest in the link between development and the environment. Choosing Both ENDS for her traineeship was a logical step since this link is a central theme for the organisation. After graduating from her second study, she stayed on at Both ENDS.


At first Sanderijn organised the Political Cafes, but she increasingly worked on substantive projects focussing on land use such as Drynet and the Dutch Soy Coalition, and on projects involving water and the (consequences of) infrastructure, such as dams. From the start Sanderijn was often involved in Both ENDS' projects in Latin America. From 2011, she is Programme Officer of Drynet II. In addition she takes part in the 'Communities of Change Alliance', which promotes sustainable agriculture and production by small producers in developing countries.


The coming years, Sanderijn hopes to keep contributing to the support of local organisations. The guideline in her activities is working with people from all over the world, and hearing first hand what is happening locally, both with regard to problems and inspiring initiatives. Sustainable solutions are more important than ever in today's world, with its growing pressure on natural resources like water and land.

Sanderijn van Beek
phone: +31 20 530 6600
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