Lieke Ruijmschoot

Coordinator Fair, Green and Global Alliance • Planning • Monitoring • Evaluation

In 2012, I was particularly attracted to the role of coordinator of the FGG Alliance because of a characteristic that the 6 members of this alliance share: they all focus on the root causes of inequality, human rights violations and environmental destruction. Instead of seeking to mend the problems caused, they try to address these root causes; which often implies addressing international policies, legislation and the power of the large investors in the world. I love about Both ENDS that it is an organisation that addresses injustice by those in power, but also develops concrete proposals for solutions. My contribution to this is to ensure that the programme of the FGG Alliance runs as smoothly as possible; I like to think about what results we are really aiming for, and how we can measure our progress.

Lieke Ruijmschoot
phone: +31 20 530 6613
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