Edwin Onencan

Fair Green and Global Alliance, Coordination Team • Africa • Asia • Central America • Latin America • Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL) • IATI publications

With great passion for environment and sustainable development, I have over the years learned fundamental lessons in my years working in and with communities on the inequalities that exist within different systems. A few years ago I started a journey to explore opportunities that can lead me to finding the right organisation or space that will not only allow me speak with a voice but also empower me to empower others to fight for their rights, equality and influence policies, for which I'm happy to be here.


By joining the FGG-Alliance*, I find myself at the right place where together with colleagues in the alliance and the different partners with whom we work we can amplify voices and advocate for rights, better policies and equity. Where we can speak up against the different injustices both in the North and South. Being here further makes me understand that I am not alone in this endeavour and together with many others we can continue to fight against the occurrences that have led and can lead to vulnerability and marginality of people and planet.


The Fair, Green and Global Alliance constists of Both ENDS (secretary), Action Aid, Clean Clothes Campaign, IT for Change, Milieudefensie, SOMO,  The Samdhana Institute and TNI.

Edwin Onencan