Jurriaan Regouin

Board member

Politics • democratisation • elections • international relations • Latin-America • Colombia  • Ukraine • Georgia

One of the main reasons for me to become a member of the Both ENDS board in 2017 was that I'm convinced that everyone will benefit from a sustainable future. Both ENDS' mission should therefore be broadly supported, independent of political ideologies or economic revenue models. In addition, being a board member at Both ENDS helps me learn more about international developments in the area of sustainability and the underlying power structures.


Currently, I work as Programme Manager at the Netherlands Institute for Multi-Party Democracy (NIMD) to support political parties, dialogue and democratisation processes in new and developing democracies. In this capacity I am currently directly involved in the peace process in Colombia and in the capacity building of (new) political actors in Georgia and Ukraine.


At Both ENDS too, I am committed to stimulating dialogue between politics, business and civil society around the theme of sustainability, to create more mutual understanding and to come up with joint solutions. To this end, I am happy to share my international network, solid political knowledge and practical experience in developing countries with the board and the organisation.

Jurriaan Regouin