Jeroen Schmaal

Board member
Management and organisation • PR en Communicatie • Corporate governance • Drinking water

I strongly believe in the development and emancipation of people. I believe that leads to a better and also more enjoyable society. Both ENDS invests in the growth of people who want a better society. And at the same time, it fights for a set of rules that enables these people to have a place in society. I think that’s great.

Everyone, regardless, is entitled to her or his own piece of earth and society. And yet also has the duty to take good care of that piece and to participate. Because even though I have always been very charmed by the anarchist autarkic farmer, I myself am more of a person who doesn’t master everything and I also need the talents and company of others.

You can also see that in the company where I work, Oasen drinking water. With 260 experts, we organize the drinking water supply for 765,000 people in the Green Heart of the Netherlands. Personally, I have little knowledge of technique and tinkering, but I am good with the big picture and motivating people. Together we make sure that everyone can just open the tap at home and not have to walk to the well in the garden to pick up a bucket. And the good thing about it is that we are still working every day to improve the quality of our drinking water and to make its production more sustainable.


Jeroen Schmaal