Ikrâm Çakir

Equal opportunities • Children's rights • Latin America • Campaigning and fundraising 

What motivates me most is my wish for an equal and just society, for which I want to mobilize as many people as possible. By empowering marginalized groups, by campaigning to change public opinions, but also by working together with companies.

When I grew up in Turkey, I learnt what it means to live in an unequal society. That laid the base for my aim for a just society, and for my trying to understand both ends and connect them. First in Latin America, for example in my research in the prevention of youth violence, and later in The Netherlands.

I'm a fundraiser and marketeer at JINC, an organization that gives youth from socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods better employment opportunities. We partner with companies and bring these worlds together, that are often so far apart. The meetings between the youth and companies often lead to more understanding between these two groups.

Both ENDS represents my strong believe that a sustainable, social and just world is possible. Through Both ENDS I can give activists from developing countries a voice, raise awareness in the Netherlands about the role we play in global inequalities, and call upon the Netherlands to take our responsibility to change this. In the board of Both ENDS I not only want to contribute with my experience in marketing and fundraising, but also bring in the perspective of an internationally engaged young generation.

Ikrâm Çakir