The Board oversees the general administration and operation of Both ENDS. Their expertise in advising on initiatives, legal questions, accounting, management and other strategic issues strengthens the foundation.

The Board meets four times a year. Each member is appointed for a period of four years, which may be extended by one four year period, to a maximum of eight years. The Board appoints a chair, a secretary and a treasurer from its midst. Members of the Board give their services for free.

  • Paul_Engel_web

    Paul Engel

    Chair of the board

    Agricultural and environmental sciences • Social innovation • Knowledge management • Sustainable food production

  • Ikram_Cakir

    Ikrâm Çakir

    Equal opportunities • Children's rights • Latin America • Campaigning and fundraising 

  • Evelijn_Landscape_1
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    Evelijne Bruning

    Board member

    Partnerships in practice • Media and communication • Connecting

  • Jeroen_Schmaal_cropped_def

    Jeroen Schmaal

    Board member
    Management and organisation • PR en Communicatie • Corporate governance • Drinking water

  • 2016_Mariken_web

    Mariken Radstaat

    Board member

    Human Resources • Strategic change processes • Sustainable business