Climate, Copenhagen and Europe’s controversial investment climate


Climate, Copenhagen and Europe’s controversial investment climate

The climate summit in Copenhagen will kick off in a few weeks. Its aim is to create a global climate agreement that will counteract further global warming. The EU Member States, including the Netherlands, is said to have great ambitions. Hopefully, this will not just be lip service, because there appears to be little funding available to developing countries to offset climate change. It also appears that various environmentally unfriendly projects can still count on financial support from institutions like the European Investment Bank: not really a coherent and ambitious climate story, is it?

Both ENDS and the lokaalmondiaal Foundation went to investigate and film the harmful effects of EIB's investments at the Bujagali dam in Uganda. What is the impact of a large dam in the Nile of Uganda for the local population? What are the effects on the environment? Read more about the outcome of the investigation on the blog, with contributions by filmmakers, local NGOs and climate experts. Your comments are welcome!


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