Pieter Jansen


A critical examination of power structures in our own society is needed, as is the appeal to those with the most power, and thus responsibility, to look for a creative solution for global issues such as poverty and pollution

Pieter's professor at the Third World Center in Nijmegen, Gerrit Huizer, 1992: 8



Strategic Cooperation - Programme Officer, Cluster: Capital Flows
Specialism: MFIs

Pieter Jansen was an environmental activist for a long time. After graduating in Developing Studies at the CIDIN in Nijmegen, he worked for the local branch of Friends of the Earth in Nijmegen. This action group managed to prevent the extension of the A73 across the River Waal. They also prevented the construction of MTC Valburg, a large industrial area for transport and distribution, which would come at the expense of the open river landscape.

His main motive for joining Both ENDS in 2002 was that he would be able to share his experience in campaigning with (activist) groups with people in other countries. At first, Pieter was responsible for organising Political Cafes in The Hague. Politicians and representatives of the World Bank debated with environmental organisations and victims from developing countries on the harmful consequences of infrastructural projects financed by the World Bank. He also facilitated contacts between Dutch NGOs and the managers of the World Bank and the IMF.


Furthermore, Pieter monitored the Asian Development Bank and its investments in the Mekong countries. It is his task to arm local groups with knowledge about the policy of this regional bank. For the past two years, Pieter has been working on stricter World Bank Safeguards, (safeguards) for people and the environment, as well as policies of Chinese banks.


Besides an activist, Pieter is a farmer as well. On his farm 'Ketelbroek' in Groesbeek, he practices the principles of agro-forestry. He also produces non-timber forest products (NTFPs). Both ENDS propagates NTFPs as a good alternative for logging and plantations in the South. Pieter wants to demonstrate that these principles also work in the Netherlands.

Pieter hopes Both ENDS will cherish the connection with farmers, landless people and activist groups in developing countries. Aside from the focus on poverty in developing countries and on environmental policy, Both ENDS will have to look at the behaviour of the rich people of this world and strive to influence their use of the environment.


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