Non Timber Forest Products


Founded in 1998

The purpose of this project is to enhance CSOs and indigenous organisations working on Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP) development and related tenure systems, marketing and policy activities in Asia.

NTFPs play a central role in the economy and therefore viability of local-indigenous societies. They offer a reliable source of income and are essential to their livelihoods. NTFPs offer solutions for local communities in bridging the gap between agriculture and forest management. Indigenous societies sustain the ecosystem - which is an important source for food variety, medicine and building materials - while they don't miss out on the economic advantages of possible agriculture. Indigenous societies can profit from the high market value of most NTFPs. Because of the high market value most NTFPs are threatened by state or private monopoly. NTFPs are therefore always closely related to land right and forest user right issues.

Against this background, Both ENDS and Cordaid consider the NTFP Exchange Programme, which is a network of NTFP organizations, as an strong basis in strengthening the position of indigenous forest dependent communities in parts of Asia.


South and Southeast Asia hosts the worlds' largest populations of indigenous people (in India an estimated 64 million). Indigenous people are often most affected by deforestation, expropriation and displacement, caused by logging, mining, plantation development and by being expelled from national parks.

Both ENDS and Cordaid share a common interest in supporting Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working on Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs). As well as NTFP related land right issues, marketing and income generating aspects. Development of the NTFP programme is very much work in progress, a shared ambition of Cordaid, Both ENDS and partners.


Both ENDS and partners undertake a number of activities and services to enhance the capacity of the NTFP-EP network. Activities focus on organisational and institutional strengthening, market access, and effective policy work. The policy work focuses on three related issues: tenure/forest user rights & bidding and sale of NTFPs, the promotion of the NTFP development concept and the involvement of International Financial Institutions.

Both ENDS and Cordaid have large international networks with expertise on NTFPs and experience with lobby. Some of these organisations lobby in political arena's where NTFP-EPs own outreach is limited.