Local access to the Green Climate Fund


Southern local organisations and institutions working on countering climate change or on adaptation to it, need financial means to do so. So it is of vital importance that a large part of the money available through the Green Climate Fund will end up with these groups. Initiatives from or with local communities have shown to be much more effective than large-scale, top-down climate projects.


Chances are, however, that a large part of the money will be channelled through the Green Climate Fund to international financial institutes like the World Bank. These institutes will then put most of it towards large-scale, internationally visible projects. There is also a strong emphasis on a large role for the private sector.


In this way, the money will not end up where it is needed most and where it will be used most effectively: with people directly affected by the effects of climate change, and who have often found very practical, small-scale solutions to local problems.


The Green Climate Fund is in danger of overreaching itself. To prevent this, we would like to help think about this fund together with four organisations from the Philippines, India, Ghana and Argentina. This process is well on the way by now.


Our main goal is to ensure all local organisations have access to the Fund for financing projects related to climate. We also want Southern civil society organisations to have a bigger say in the process of setting up the Fund.


Both ENDS initiated this project and raised funds for it. Together with our four partners we wrote a position paper to clarify our point of view. At the board meeting in Berlin, we handed this paper to the board members to make sure they were well-informed.


At least two representatives of our group will be present at the coming board meetings of the Green Climate Fund to talk to the board members directly.


Ken Kinney, director of the Development Institute in Ghana, was present during the board meeting in 2013 and tells us why. Read his story here.



During the board meeting in Berlin, March 2013, some of us have been writing a blog.

An easy-to-read and at the same time informative addition to Ken Kinney’s story (link above).


Blogs: Local access to the Green Climate Fund!



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