An Untold Story


2012 - 2014


Civil Society Organisations, small funds and local mediators make the difference between a fair and sustainable world on one hand, and a world in which development for one party often translates to poverty and hopelessness for others. The project 'An Untold Story' hopes to change all this by lifting the veil on the issue and creating awareness.



An Untold Story is a platform to talk about both the positive and negative effects that trade, investment and large-scale production have on people in developing countries. The project places the spotlight on the work of environmental- and human rights organisations active in Brazil, India, Eastern Europe and South Africa and shows the crucial role these organisations play in making our global economy more sustainable. The project will focus on their experiences in the field and share these stories with a broad audience.


So, for instance, there is the story of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The construction and preparations for the so-called ‘Copa Mundial’ are in full swing to guarantee the viewing pleasure of millions of people worldwide. But what many people don’t know is that some ten thousand families in Porto Alegre have been involuntarily displaced from their homes to make way for cold concrete, asphalt and infrastructure. The families are sent to suburbs without any infrastructure. This outrageous story is just one of the many untold stories, which can help local people to organise and defend their interests.

These local organisations generally don’t require astronomical amounts to do their work. They can manage with so-called small grants; funds of up to € 10,000. Such small grants are an essential link in making our world a more sustainable place. Unfortunately, major donors often lack the infrastructure and administrative capacity to divide their resources between such small scale projects. They require reliable redistributors or mediators, who can use their intricate networks to find the right homes for these grants.


An Untold Story allows Both ENDS to expand the services of four existing mediators of small grants funds over the next two years by increasing their visibility. Both ENDS and the mediators will do this by telling stories from the field to local financiers and investors. So doing, we hope for more than just financial support: by entering into dialogue with local philanthropists and donors, we hope to increase their social- and political involvement in their own countries, so that Southern organisations become less dependent on Western funding, demands and monitoring requirements.


Stephen Law, EMG South Africa: “This project will give us the resources to build our capacity and profile. But by having the story-generating at the centre, we can achieve this through a process that is linked to our real work, rather than as an add-on."




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