Fair Green and Global Alliance


The Fair Green and Global (FGG) Alliance consists of six Dutch civil society organisations: Both ENDS, Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands), ActionAid Netherlands, Schone Kleren Campagne (Clean Clothes Campaign), SOMO and TNI.


Together with civil society organisations from all over the world, the Fair Green and Global (FGG) Alliance aims for socially just, inclusive and environmentally sustainable societies.


Partner organisations of FGG and communities worldwide experience on a daily basis how certain policies and practices lead to violations of human rights and environmental destruction. To address these problems and provide alternative policies and practices that protect human rights, people's livelihoods and the environment, we focus on three interlinked areas of work (or 'Theories of Change'):


1: Improved corporate conduct
Through globalisation, corporations have acquired greater power and legal rights, but without a parallel increase in accountability. To close this gap, rules, regulations and enforcement are required on the one hand, and improvements in corporate governance, business models and business practices on the other hand.


2: Improved trade and investment
The current global trade and investment regime has expanded the rights of corporations, while diminishing the policy options available to governments. There is an urgent need to redress this imbalance, to enable governments to fulfil environmental and social objectives, including increased gender equality and respect for human rights.


3: Improved financial and tax systems
The current financial system has increased inequality and injustice, especially in Low- and Lower- Middle Income Countries. The FGG Alliance seeks to contribute to policy coherence for development by helping ensure that financial regulations, tax systems, and the functioning of (public) international financial institutions are geared towards sustainable and inclusive development and equity within and across borders.


The members and partner organisations of the FGG Alliance have two main strategies to work on a fair and sustainable world: mutual capacity development and lobby and advocacy.


Both ENDS has long been engaged in monitoring, analysing and lobbying for financial-, trade- and investment policies that take man and nature into account in developing countries. So, for example, Both ENDS has been closely following the policies of the World Bank, Export Credit Agencies and large development banks, such as the European Investment Bank or the Dutch Development Bank FMO. Also we focus on bilateral and multilateral trade- and investment treaties.


Both ENDS helps organisations in developing countries in the area of lobbying, both in their local government and on an international level. In addition, Both ENDS lends its support to the existing and emerging networks of organisations working on sustainable development models.


Both ENDS is the lead agency of the FGG Alliance.


The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Lieke Ruijmschoot
Programmaco√∂rdinator voor de FGG Alliantie


Karine Godthelp 

Programmacoördinator voor de FGG Alliantie


Roos Nijpels 

Projectleider FGG bij Both ENDS 


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