Follow the experiences of staff and / or partners of Both ENDS through various blogs.


Weblog of Sander Hehanussa

From July 2017 until the end of March 2018 Sander Hehanussa replaces one of our colleagues in the capital flows team who is on sabbatical. Sander was in Mongolia within the context of his work on our GAGGA-programme.


Weblog of Karin van Boxtel

Karin van Boxtel is junior policy officer sustainable land use. She is, amongst others, specialized in conflict and governance studies, natural resource management, land governance, food security and community development.


Weblog of Anne de Jonghe

Anne de Jonghe travelled through Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras in the end of 2016. She visited partner organisations and local communities that Both ENDS supports and collaborates with.


Weblog of Sabina voogd

Sabina Voogd is at the 22nd Conference of Parties (UN climate conference) in Marrakech, in November 2016. Not only did she organise a side event; she will be attending many activities, of which she will share her impressions in this weblog.


The Strength of Counterpower

What is counterpower? Why is it important and what are the good examples? In this weblog Both ENDS colleagues share their views on global counterpower. We do this in the context of an online debate series called "The Strength of Counterpower" which is published on Vice (partly in Dutch, partly in English) from mid-September to mid-October 2016. Both ENDS is one of the contributors, together with ActionAid, Partos and of course Vice Versa itself.


Weblog of Annelieke Douma

Annelieke Douma is programme officer and is specialised in participatory water management, human rights and gender issues.


Weblog of Pieter Jansen

Together with partner organisations from developing countries, Pieter Jansen urges international financial institutions which operate with public money - such as the World Bank - to strenghten their social and environmental rules in order to prevent the financing of projects that might harm people or their environment.




Weblog of Daan Robben

Daan Robben of Both ENDS is present at the 11th Board Meeting of the Green Climate Fund, whoch is held in Livingstone, Zambia from the 2nd until the 5th of November. What is going on during before, during and after the meeting? Which decisions are made and why are they important? 


Reporting on Green Climate Fund!

How do we make sure that local actors get access to the Green Climate Fund, which will contain huge amounts of global money meant for projects in developing countries to combat climate change and adapt to its impacts?


Below we give an impression of how, together with five partner organisations, we try to provide answers to this and other questions towards the Green Climate Fund Board during its board meetings.


What does climate change adaptation look like 'on the ground'? Ken Kinney, one of the partners we work with, takes us to a village in his country Ghana where simple measures were taken to keep irrigating the land, despite less and increasingly unpredictable rainfall. The method proved to be very successful.


Our joint analysis and key policy recommendations can be found in our Discussion Paper: Reaching local actors in climate finance: Lessons on Direct Access for the Green Climate Fund. 'Reaching Local Actors in Climate Finance'


We collected views from 6 different people from developing countries on how the Green Climate Fund should be designed and put them together in a small booklet:

'Local actors ready to act'


Also read the article Annelieke and Anouk wrote for the CDKN - website


Weblog of Wiert Wiertsema

Wiert Wiertsema is senior policy advisor at Both ENDS. He is an expert on (the effects of) international capital flows, especially concerning export credits, tax evasion and debt issues.


Remi in Bangladesh

Remi Kempers is in Bangladesh, together with our local partners. They are looking for ways to distribute the ground water in a fair and sustainable way. From Bangladesh he tells us about his experiences.


Weblog of Leonie Wezendonk

Leonie Wezendonk is junior policy advisor at Both ENDS.


Weblog of Lieke Ruijmschoot

Lieke Ruijmschoot is PME Advisor of the FGG Alliance and writes columns for the Dutch website of Vice Versa. For our English-speaking audience we translate these blogs.


Nathalie from Namibia

Nathalie van Haren and Sanderijn van Beek are present for Both ENDS at the 11th Conference of the Parties of the UNCCD. The UN convention to combat desertification is the least known of the three sister Rio Conventions of 1992 and is about land degradation and desertification. Together with 10 DRYNET partners they talk about small-scale (women) farmers, shepherds, agro-ecology, better cooperation between civil society organizations and scientists and land (use) rights. Nathalie blogs from Windhoek about the ups and downs.


Thirza and Izabella in Stockholm

Thirza Bronner and Izabella Dias are representing Both ENDS on the World Water Week in Stockholm. What is happening there and what does Both ENDS  have to do with it? Read all about it in their blogs.


Christa in Indonesia

Christa Nooy travelled to Indonesia and tells us about her experiences.


Marije Rosing on water in Bangladesh

Marije Rosing works at Both ENDS and reports about water supply problems and other human rights issues in Bangladesh.


Report from Ghana

Remi Kempers is in Ghana and tells about his adventures.


Nathalie van Haren went to Rio

Nathalie van Haren, senior programme officer at Both ENDS, went to Rio+20 and writes about her experiences, observations, frustrations and hopes for the future.


Visionaries from the global South

From the 20th untill the 22nd of June, Rio de Janeiro will be all about the big UN summit on sustainability, called Rio+20. During the summit heads of state and government will discuss their ideas about a transition to a green economy. Both ENDS and Cordaid believe that this economy should not just be green, but also social, offering equal opportunities and thereby banning poverty. This new economy should also respect the boundaries of ecosystems, making sure the earth will remain livable for future generations.

Unfortunately, ideas about how we should come to such a green economy, almost always originate in Western countries. Ideas and experiences from other parts of the world are barely seen. However, the combination of these two will lead to stimulating and inspiring thoughts. This inspiration will help us to truly change and be able to think 'outside the box'.

Cordaid and Both ENDS have gathered the views and insights of seven visionaries from developing countries.


The book containing the seven interviews can be downloaded in English, Spanish and Dutch.


Nathalie van Haren in New York to prepare for Rio+20

Nathalie van Haren, senior policy officer at Both ENDS, is in New York this week to participate in the first negotiations on Rio+20.

Follow her through this weblog!


Nathalie van Haren in New York

Nathalie is our programme officer sustainable land use. She is currently attending the discussions of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) in New York. This year the meeting is chaired by the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality: Gerda Verburg. Goals of the CSD are poverty eradication, food security and sustainable natural resource management. Please read Nathalie's blog to find out what she is doing in the big apple!


Climate, Copenhagen and Europe’s controversial investment climate

The climate summit in Copenhagen will kick off in a few weeks. Its aim is to create a global climate agreement that will counteract further global warming. The EU Member States, including the Netherlands, is said to have great ambitions. Hopefully, this will not just be lip service, because there appears to be little funding available to developing countries to offset climate change. It also appears that various environmentally unfriendly projects can still count on financial support from institutions like the European Investment Bank: not really a coherent and ambitious climate story, is it?

Both ENDS and the lokaalmondiaal Foundation went to investigate and film the harmful effects of EIB's investments at the Bujagali dam in Uganda. What is the impact of a large dam in the Nile of Uganda for the local population? What are the effects on the environment? Read more about the outcome of the investigation on the blog, with contributions by filmmakers, local NGOs and climate experts. Your comments are welcome!


Both ENDS @ It's Down 2 Earth Conference

Nathalie van Haren is our programme officer sustainable land use. This week she is attending the It's Down 2 Earth Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change. The conference is organised by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation from 31 October until 5 November 2010, in The Hague. You can also follow Nathalie on Twitter.


Tim Senden reporting from Athens: on debt and austerity

From the 6th till the 8th of May, Tim Senden communication officer at Both ENDS, will be attending the congres Debt and Austerity: From the Global South to Europe. Organisations, research institutes and politicians from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, working on global issues of debt and finance will also be attending. Sessions on the debt crisis in Europe, the situation in Greece, the debt crisis in developing countries, will finally result in the Athens debt declaration on Sunday.

Follow this blog to get an impression of the conference, the participants and the atmosphere of a city in debt. For more live reporting follow Both ENDS on Twitter.


Tim Senden reporting from Tanzania

Tim Senden, communication officer at Both ENDS is traveling to Arusha, Tanzania. In Tanzania he will interview farmers, NGO's and people from business which are involved in jatropha production. The oil extracted from the fruit of the jatropha plant can be used to generate energy, this makes jatropha a very sought-after plant. With regular blogs Tim will keep you posted on the local issues concerning the production and processing of jatropha. Of course he will also write about his African encounters, spirited people and the beautiful surroundings of Arusha. Stay tuned for regular updates, or follow Tim on Twitter:!/both_ends, or check our Facebook. For six comprehensive videos on the topic please visit our Both ENDS Youtube channel.


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