Socially responsible business policy


Both ENDS takes corporate social responsibility very serious and strives to be as sustainable as possible. All our employees must be enabled to do their work without harming the environment, and the organization does all it can - within the realm of possibilities – to accomplish this. Both ENDS is a co-signer of the ‘Code of conduct civil society organizations concerning nature, environment and sustainable development.’ This is partly reflected in the following measures:  

  • In October 2008 we put solar panels on the roof of our office, which supply part of our own electricity. We use externally supplied renewable energy for our further electricity needs. We use energy-saving light bulbs and al staff uses as little electricity and water as possible;
  • Paper, glass and cartridges are collected separately for recycling. In 2014 we also start to separate plastic;
  • We copy and print everything two sided on recycled paper;
  • Our cleaning products are eco-friendly and have an eco-label. These products are now also used by our new, ISO 14001 certified cleaning company;
  • Our daily lunch is completely organic and vegetarian;
  • Over half of our employees cycle to work. The others travel by public transport. Also there’s the possibility to work at home;
  • The nature of our work requires travel, including air travel. Whenever possible, we try to use conference calls and other ways of communication to avoid unnecessary traveling;
  • We strive for a high level of diversity among our staff, wich is has resulted in a good balance regarding age, nationality and sexe. Also, a number of people with a small disability are working at Both ENDS. 


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