Daniëlle Hirsch


"I feel it is my mission to show that a country like the Netherlands has a lot of influence on the quality of life, especially in developing countries. That we can have a great contribution to a sustainable and fair development all over the world. That the Netherlands, together with people and companies from Southern countries, should take the chance to develop new economic activities that will benefit humanity and the environment. The reality of today is that we are still one of the most polluting countries in worldwide. Instead of reducing our energy consumption, we are searching for new sources like palmoil, jatropha, corn and soy. These alternatives come at the expense of food production and lead to violations of human- and land rights ion developing countries. I want to contribute to finding ways of development which will be sufficient for the Netherlands, and at the same time will respect the boundaries of nature and provide a better existence to others."


Specialism: Environmental Economy, Water Management


Daniëlle Hirsch started working as a volunteer at Both ENDS in 1995, after finishing her Master in Development and Environmental Economics. She stayed at Both ENDS, to focus on water management. After having worked on a variety of themes on different levels, she was elected director of the foundation in 2008. Although she's often still involved with projects, she now focuses primarily on developing the organization as a whole.

Daniëlle has been a 'fellow' of the Donella Meadows Leadership Fellows Program since 2008. She was also a member of the boards of Partos and Prince Bernhard Fund for Nature.

Daniëlle hopes Both ENDS will continue to have the possibilities to work on its strategies and vision for the future: connecting people and stimulating the sustainable change that the world so desperately needs.


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