Tamara Mohr


"Both ENDS is special because the organisation and its people focus on the relation between similar organisations in all possible regions. Both ENDS searches for a collaboration in which there is a clear distribution of duties for Both ENDS and its partners. We possess knowledge about Dutch investors and global processes, and our partners have much more knowledge about what is going on, and what is possible, on the local level. Both ENDS prefers partnerships, leaving as much room as possible for cooperation on equal terms."


Specialism: Latin America

Tamara Mohr is Teamleader of the team Strategic Cooperation and as such she is responsible for Both ENDS' partner policy. She started working for Both ENDS in the beginning of the 1990s, after graduating in Anthropology/Non-Western Sociology. In that same period Tamara was closely involved with the realisation of the sustainable development agreements between the Netherlands and Costa Rica following the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Although she is specialised in Latin America, and in Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina in particular, the projects and themes Tamara worked on over the years cover several regions. The last few years, she was especially responsible for secretariat of the Dutch Soy Coalition.


Next to working for Both ENDS, she is also a board member of the small grants facility CASA and the Brazilian organisation 'Centro da Vida'. Tamara has been coordinating the cooperation between Both ENDS, IUCN NL and Wetlands International in the Ecosystem Alliance from 2011-2015. From 2016 onwards she will coordinate the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA), a cooperation between MamaCash, FCAM and Both ENDS. 


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